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Revista: Journal of Tourism and Heritage Research
Volumen (Número): 2 (3)
Título: Vestiges ofthe past: the ammunition royal factory in Orbaizeta (Navarra)
Fecha: 2019
Página inicio: 135
Página fin: 158
Descripción: The Royal Factoy of Ammunition in Orbaizeta (Auñamendi - Navarra) is considered one of the finest XVIII century manufacturing models in this area. Located in the old ironworks of Aezkoa mountain, in a strategic natural settlement, it was in operation for 100 years and catered the army in the many wars. Although this industrial complex is protected as a culturally significant property, its dilapidated state, especially of those elements belonging to the manufacturing premises, makes this Royal Factory appear in the heritage facilities included in the Red List of Heritage in Danger. Using this context as a starting point, we will carry out a study based on the case of the Berguedà catalan region. This choice is based on 1) the similarity between the geographic features of both regions and, 2) the parallelism of Berguedà’s context, considering the economics depression caused by the abandonment of its historical industry (mining and textile) and the growing urbanization process. These factors made industrial heritage to be considered as a key tool to revitalize and energize the territory. This, based on the experience of Berguedà, we aim to define some reflections for safeguarding and recovery of the Royal Factory of Ammunition in Orbaizeta and demonstrate this can be a vehicle for the revitalization of the local economy.


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